Workplace Organisation & Visual Management Through 5S

How to apply and benefit from 5S

This course will provide you with a good working knowledge of 5s, which is one of the foundation tools of Lean and business improvement.

Focusing on how to improve the workplace to ensure it stays organised, clean and well maintained will help you create a more productive, pleasant and safer working environment.

Practical learning - The course looks at each element of 5s - Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain - offering practical examples of how this can be applied in your working environment.

Real results - after taking this course you will be able to identify cost savings through improvements to workflow and waste reduction .

Having completed this course you will understand:

  • Why implementing 5S is essential in any workplace.
  • How to arrange your work environment to make it more efficient and productive.
  • Why and how to make items easily identifiable.
  • How to standardise the workplace to get improved performance.
  • How to make the changes sustainable and embed the new way of working within the company.

Key Points Covered

  1. Understand and implement 5S in your company
  2. Deliver tangible results that reduce costs and improve workflow
  3. Realise the benefits as soon as you start the course
  4. Transform the way you work and operate
  5. Understand how 5S programmes can fail and how to make sure yours succeeds