Introduction to Lean

An overview of the opportunities that exist to improve quality, delivery and flexibility whilst reducing cost.

Driving business improvement benefits in any organisation can be achieved by using a set of tools which are often referred to as "Lean". These tools will help you identify the best way to reduce costs, improve quality, on-time delivery and flexibility.

Practical Training - You will understand how to identify what adds value to your customer and ultimately your business and what does not. You will be able to identify areas of waste and set out to eliminate these. Also covered in this overview is an introduction to 5S, process mapping, quick changeover, takt time, balanced and continuous flow, standardised work and workgroup organisation.

Real Results - You will gain insights into which tools would be most effective to drive results in your organisation. Enabling you to create a focused and practical business improvement plan that will work for you.

Key Points Covered

  1. Understand how Lean tools can benefit your organisation
  2. Reduce costs and improve quality, on-time delivery and flexibility
  3. Understand value & waste
  4. Gain knowledge of all of the key business improvement tools that make up the lean system