Process Mapping

How to capture and analyse process activity

In a typical organisation between 80 and 99 % of all the processes do not add value to the business. This course will show you how to confidently map your processes to identify which add-value and which do not, allowing you to target improvement by driving out non-value adding activities (waste).

Practical Training - You will develop practical skills and knowledge to enable you to undertake process mapping within your organisation. You will understand how to identify the data required and how best to collect it and use it to analyse and improve your processes.

Real Results - you will identify the non-value adding activities within your processes and be able to focus on waste elimination, reducing costs, increasing capacity, improving output and reducing lead times - delivering tangible returns to the business.

Only buy this course if you already understand value adding and non-value adding activity and just want to learn how to process map. Otherwise you should do the Understanding, Identifying and Removing Waste course, which also includes this Process Mapping course.

Key Points Covered

  1. Map your processes so that you can target business improvement so that it adds real value
  2. Reduce costs (substantially!!) by eliminating wasted activities.
  3. Learn how to analyse data to drive improvement