Understanding, Identifying and Removing Waste

How to identify and remove waste from your processes.

By taking this course you will gain the tools to enable you to make substantial savings by reducing waste in all areas of your business - be it sales, design, purchasing or production.

You will understand how to map your processes and create cleaner more efficient ways of working that will make a real difference to how you operate.

Practical Training: Referencing real life examples of how every process in an organisation can be evaluated and improved you will increase your ability to differentiate between what adds value and what does not, to capture the waste and remove it.

Real Results - by mapping your processes and eliminating waste, you will create new processes which are more efficient and customer focussed.

If you are subscribing to this course there is no need to subscribe to the Process Mapping course as it is contained within that module.

Key Points Covered

  1. How to identify waste in your business
  2. Know what adds value to your customer and what doesn't
  3. Map your processes and develop more efficient ways of working
  4. Reduce your operating costs (substantially!!)